• HouseHold Movers Guide Mileage?

    From luvdreamr69@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 25 22:20:59 2020
    I’ve been drivin for 31 years and my biggest pet peeve has always been the PHONY SCAM called household movers guide....HMG.....I don’t give a damn if I’m makin 1$ or 2$ or .50 cpm cuz if I’m not gettin paid the true miles from ADDRESS TO ADDRESS
    it’s a freakin rip off by shipper,receivers and truck carriers....I don’t know who came up with that phony scam it it musta been a bed bugger Company since it’s HMG and they’re the ones who Move people’s stuff from One address to another
    address...I kept track for several years Of the paid miles and GPS miles and what it averaged out at was that for every 10,000 paid miles It was actually 600 miles more by GPS.....So at 600 miles per month for 12 months drivers get shorted 7200 miles
    YEAR AFTER YEAR......Drivers have been CHEATED out of BILLIONS of dollars over the decades.....And yet we drivers have been brainwashed for so many years that many of us think that it’s fair.....WELL I FXXXXXN DONT AND NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL THINK
    THAT ITS FAIR.....ITS A FUXXXN RIP OFF PURE AND SIMPLE.....AND NO ONE CAN JUSTIFY IT....I DONT GIVE A FXXK WHAT KIND OF PHONY BS IM TOLD BY ANYONE ....If I drive them fxxxin miles then I should be paid for them......And that goes for any and all drivers..
    ....The most common response I’ve ever got from dispatchers or payroll people or even operations managers is.....Yeah well we know but that’s the system that shippers and receivers go by.....Well fxxk them and their phony system.....Whats needed Is a
    class action lawsuit by ALL drivers AGAINST all shippers receivers and carriers and an act of Congress to pass a law that pays from ADDRESS TO ADDRESS FOR ALL TRUCK DRIVERS.....NOT AERONAUTICAL MILES FROM CITY TO CITY OR TOWN TO TOWN.....WE ARE NOT
    FUXXXKIN AIRPLANE PILOTS......I ALONE AM OWED 223200 miles in 31 years that I’ve not been paid for.....Its actually an extortion scam that’s been played Out against drivers for DECADES.....Mobsters go to prison for extortion and yet these fat cat
    whores in the trucking industry get away with it year after year.....Start putting a few of them in prison for it and you’d see the entire industry do an about face overnight and start paying drivers from address to address.......And I bet then they’
    d stop with all their phony excuses.....

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