• Arkansas transient - Florida trucker arrested in Colorado cold case mur

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    Shades of Bill Clinton. A lot of rapists in Arkansas.

    A truck driver has been arrested in the cold-case rape and
    murder of a 21-year-old woman in Colorado nearly 40 years ago,
    officials announced Monday.

    Investigators in Douglas County, Colo., said they were able to
    link James Curtis Clanton, 62, of Lake Butler, Fla., to the
    murder of Helene Pruszynski in Englewood using DNA and
    genealogical testing.

    Clanton was arrested in Union County, Fla., and extradited to

    "This was a young girl who was just starting her life," Douglas
    County Sheriff Tony Spurlock told a news conference.

    She was found stabbed to death a day after she was kidnapped and
    sexually assaulted, officials said. The body turned up on Jan.
    16, 1980.

    The Pruszynski murder investigation went cold a year after the
    crime, officials added. It was reopened in 1998 before it went
    cold again.

    Douglas County District Attorney George Brauchler described the
    conversation he had with Pruszynski’s only living relative, a
    sister, informing her of the arrest.

    “The emotions are as raw in some way as they were 40 years ago,”
    he told a news conference. “I think that is the kind of phone
    call that at some point you don’t expect to get.”

    The prosecutor described Pruszynski as a “sweet and innocent”
    young woman.

    She had moved to Colorado to work as an intern at a Denver radio
    station two weeks before she was killed. Pruszynski made the
    move after growing up in Massachusetts and going to college
    there. She was living in Englewood with an aunt and uncle.

    Spurlock said Pruszynski wanted to become a journalist.

    Investigators said she apparently was abducted after she got off
    a bus after work.

    Spurlock said that at the time of the murder, Clanton had just
    moved to Colorado from Arkansas. He said Clanton was working as
    a landscaper.

    Clanton served four years in prison for an Arkansas rape and was
    released in 1979, an arrest affidavit showed.

    The court record indicated that Clanton was known then by
    another name, Curtis Alan White.

    Spurlock said Clanton legally changed his name years later.

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-trucker-arrested-colorado- cold-case-murder-woman-40-years-ago

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