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    I remember the day this happened... We were closing down for the night as the last couple of customers were eating. Two Haitian guys was in the bathroom an extremely long time, but I didn't think to much of it because of the horrible smell. The fact
    that they were actually using the restroom made me feel as though everything was ok. I remember going to the back to finish stocking for the next day, when all of a sudden I heard this commotion up front. We use to have fun as we closed so I thought
    some of the employees were just goofing off. Well, I regret not checking to see what the commotion was all about, because as I had my back turned stocking the shelves, one of the thugs crept up behind me. I heard someone say something and felt this
    presence behind me. So I turned around and to my surprise, he had a silver revolver to my head. Before I could say anything, he began to make demands for money and started pointing the gun at my face and asking me "where is the safe". I could barely
    make out what he was saying because his English was barely recognizable. By the time I realized what he was saying, I began to think about grabbing the gun and beating him down! I was bigger and I Just knew I had a chance. Just when I was about to make
    my move, his partner came around the corner with his arm around a female employee's neck and a gun to her head. Then one of the other employees who was also Haitian, came around the corner speaking Creole and English to the robbers! He had just started
    the job, and I knew him pretty well as my friend's brother from school. We all went to the same high school. I was starting to get confused in the midst of it all, because guns were being pointed at me and the other employees, and everyone was yelling
    and screaming while my friend's brother was "trying to convince" them not to rob us. After awhile, I could tell that they weren't listening to my friend, and they're starting to get very agitated and aggressive with him. Next thing I know, the guy with
    the gun on me tells me to lay down on the floor and close my eyes. So I hesitantly moved to the ground with my eyes closed, faced down. Now I'm praying! God don't let them kill me. Don't let them kill us! As I'm laying and praying I began to sense
    that everyone was going back up front. I think they were trying to make the managers open the safe. I think they made my friend's brother lay down beside me before they went back up front? When I realized the room was being empty, I slightly open my
    eyes to check and before I knew it, I was all alone. I didn't know what to do. I slowly got up and realized I was by the back side door. We were taught never to open that door at night or the alarm would go off. So just a teenager, I jumped to my
    feet, paced back and forth, contemplating for a second, and then made a mad dash for the back door! I knew the alarm would go off! It was all I could do... I ran for my life out the back door, passed the green Camry to the nearest house! I banged on
    the door and told them to call the police because Pizza Hut was getting robbed! A few minutes passed as I hid watching the green Camry hoping they would come rushing out to get away, because the alarm was loud! Soon they came running out and drove
    right pass me flying on the side street! I prayed everyone was ok as I went back to the store. I can't remember if the police officers had made it there or not, but I remember walking in and seeing the look of disbelief on everyone's face because of
    what has just happened to us. I vividly remember the managers crying. I was still in shock. The robbers put them in the cooler before they left. That night changed everything for us. Things were never the same. The police officers later that night,
    told us that the green Camry had crashed and that they got away. It truly added insult, to injury. Seeing this report tonight, makes me want to find my old friend's brother. I know he knew them. I just hope he didn't have anything to do with it.
    Grateful to God that He allowed me us to live through it. This was my first real job. I was working to help my mom take care of me and my four younger brothers and two younger sisters. They were all I could think about as I hoped and prayed that I
    would see them again. Thankful that the ending to this story wasnt as worse as it could've been. My view on life changed forever this day...

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