• Skateboarder part of shithole San Francisco skate crew dubbed 'most

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    Seemingly in awe of the confidence oozing from Pablo Ramirez -- the
    talented and fearless skateboarder who glided through busy California
    traffic without looking -- filmmaker Ryan Garshell once marveled: "Somehow
    he always makes it."

    Until, one day he didn't.

    Part of a San Francisco crew known for death-defying stunts, Ramirez
    finally found himself unable to elude fate Tuesday, when a dump truck ran
    him over and killed him while he was skateboarding, officials said.

    Pablo Ramirez, a New York native living in California’s Bay Area, was
    found badly injured in the street and died just after noon from injuries sustained when the truck struck him as he was gliding around the city’s South of Market neighborhood, KTVU reported.

    Ramirez was reportedly hanging onto the back of a moving vehicle just
    moments before the accident. Police told KTVU they were reviewing nearby surveillance video and interviewing witnesses to confirm the reports.

    Stupid SOB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT6fvmLqt04

    Poor skateboard: https://tinyurl.com/y2wyuqmw

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