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    On Tue, 07 Jun 2005 03:04:42 GMT, Greg Carr <gcarr01@shaw.ca> wrote:

    I do not care about the security precautions you take at home or going
    from work. 4261 Gatenby Ave. Burnaby, BC

    Your policy of closing all the bay doors at HUDD/DSL on the hottest
    day of the year and ordering the termination of any employees who shut
    them resulted in me going to RCH for heat stroke. I opened the doors
    to cool the place down and the driver then shut them because he didn't
    want to lose his job. The forklifts were breaking sown so it is no
    wonder my brain melted. Live and learn.

    After I terminated my employment you called my parents in an attempt
    to con me into going back to work and shorted my final paycheque $300.
    On 16 seperate occassion you and the alcoholic whore-mongering IKEA
    dept supervisor shorted my paycheque. You both are scum.

    Your husband is a dwarf and you are a theiving liar. You give people
    who suck up to you phony EI claims and falsely accusse other people of
    theft. You and your company have crippled people for life with back
    problems and you fight them tooth and nail to the WCB lying all the
    way. I hope your nubile children become the personal slaves of Darryl
    S Kabatoff or some of the HA guys who work at HUDD. Being of germanic >background you probably get a kick out of the guys with the SS gear
    and the little greman sayings on their trucks. May Richard Barfoot
    visit you in your dreams. You people are evil.

    Although he only worked 6 days in a month you gave Tom Strenja a well
    known HA lackey a $100 bonus cheque. He then subsequently threatened
    to kill his girlfreind Cherly Roma who worked theiere after she broke
    up with his cocksucking, meth huffing self. I've lost track of the
    number of ex-employees who have become addicted to ectasy and meth
    while working at your firm. You people are scum.

    Details how HUDD has been convicted of hiring illegal immigeants from
    Mexico to work at their warehouses. They use there wealth to violate
    labour laws at every opportunity.


    Any more information about this individual or HUDD please post.

    Even back then you were a little bitch.

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