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    Am Donnerstag, 18. November 2004 14:00:15 UTC+1 schrieb Les Brown:

    When I last rode it with the 'winter' consist, there were about 22-24
    cars. I understand in the summer it can have up to 28 cars (standard 85 >> foot (~25m) car).

    Ulf Kutzner wrote:

    With the possible exception of the auto train, I believe VIA's
    transcontinental train is the longest passenger train in North America.

    How long is it?

    So, still shorter than the Ghan.

    Don't know for how much longer. GSR plan to double the services into Darwin during the peak season and thus run shorter trains. Apparently Darwin is having problems coping with one very large train load of people arriving in town on Tuesday nights.....


    You will see here, in German language,
    Ghan Trains with 42 cars which use three platforms
    at Adelaide...


    Regards, ULF

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