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    They ran between Brewster North (now Southeast) and Dover Plains, on the
    Harlem Line, as well as between Suffern and Port Jervis on the Port
    Jervis Line.

    I used to take the train from Pawling to NYC.

    I think... think... I remember some Budd Cars actaully
    making the whole treck to Grand Central without us
    having to transfer.

    I might be mistaken, but this would have been
    sometime between 1964 and 1972 or so.

    When trains went as far a Chatham.

    No guarantee my memory is correct. In any event,
    if it did occur, it would have been pretty rare.

    I actually think that I saw a Budd car travelling south of White Plains
    in revenue service. It was but one time, however.

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