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    On 6/22/23 12:01, Leroy N. Soetoro wrote:

    When California voters passed a referendum in 2008 to construct a high-
    speed rail connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco, there was no shortage
    of skeptics. Forty-seven percent of the state voted against the plan, and
    a group of think tanks issued a nearly 200-page report that year arguing costs would skyrocket, ridership would not match projections, and the environmental benefits were overstated.

    The skeptics, of course, have been vindicated. But few thought it would be
    as bad as it has since turned out to be. Fifteen years, and countless setbacks later, not a single mile of track has been laid, and estimated
    costs have risen to $128 billion — or $200 million per mile. There is no money left, and even the secretary of the California State Transportation Agency now admits, “We can’t get this project done without federal support. It’s just not going to happen.“

    Even so, still irritates me less than the Seattle area mob that wanted
    trains. Sound Transit has now cost $142 billion and druggies
    and transients keep people from riding.

    Destroying housing, businesses, churches and really harming the
    streets for a huge union boondoggle.

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