• The True Dangers of Long Trains (2/2)

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    money it spent around town, saying it did not ask the residents to release their legal rights in exchange for the payments. “Such actions,” a
    spokesperson told ProPublica, “are part of CSX’s industry-leading standard
    of care when incidents like the derailment in Hyndman occur.”

    Walls remembers a CSX official walking up to him while he was standing on
    the front steps of the charter school on the morning of the derailment, a
    gray column of smoke from the tanker car still billowing into the sky. “I
    know we came in and messed your town up,” the official said, “but we’ll
    make it right before we leave.” Walls appreciates the money CSX spent on
    the town and its people. But that was the railroad’s responsibility. What
    would make things right, he said, is “making sure that the trains coming through here are safe.”

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