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    He really cleaned up!

    A Bronx subway cleaner who was arrested last week while
    collecting his paycheck was shocked to discover he’d actually
    been fired years earlier, The Post has learned.

    Ronald Berry, 47, claims he’s been on sick leave since 2015 for
    high blood pressure and asthma, and has traveled to a city
    Transit office on Westchester Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard
    every two weeks to sign in and pick up his dough without a

    He collected roughly $250,000 before someone at the MTA realized
    there was a problem and sounded the alarm, sources told The Post.

    When Berry showed up on Thursday to flash his identification
    badge and grab his pay as usual, he was nabbed for trespassing,
    authorities said.

    “I never got a call that I was terminated,” a stunned Berry told
    The Post outside his Bronx home Saturday. “I’ve been collecting
    checks for four f–king years.”

    When a Post reporter told Berry he was dismissed way back in
    2013, he countered, “So how am I still collecting checks? It’s a
    fault on the MTA side.”

    “If I’m terminated, how am I still collecting checks?” Berry
    said he asked a boss after his arrest.

    “That’s not my problem, that’s payroll’s problem,” the boss
    allegedly told him.

    It’s unclear how Berry ended up back on the payroll in 2015.

    A confused Berry claims the agency certainly knows where to find
    him — they’ve been sending him letters telling him to go to
    training, including one just last month.

    “If I’m terminated why am I getting letters from them?” he said.
    “The last one I got was at the end of last month and I believe
    it was for asbestos training or track training.”

    Berry fumed: “Now if they would’ve sent me a termination letter,
    f-?-k going to pick a check up…I’m terminated already, let me
    file for unemployment.”

    Transit sources noted the checks Berry collected noted the
    number of hours worked, included a night differential and didn’t
    mention disability.

    Berry’s wheely good deal included a regular trip on the No. 6
    gravy train from Pelham Bay.

    MTA sources said the agency now uses biometric fingerprint
    technology for “clocking in and clocking out,” which they
    suggested would have put the brakes on Berry’s free ride sooner.

    The NYPD Saturday confirmed Berry was arrested Thursday and
    charged with criminal trespassing after “being observed inside
    an employee-only NYC transit facility.”

    The MTA is investigating after a Transit manager raised internal
    questions, a spokesman said.

    “The investigation will follow the facts, and anyone who
    inappropriately took public money will be held accountable to
    the full extent of the law,” spokesman Tim Minton said.

    https://nypost.com/2019/10/05/bronx-man-fired-from-mta-continued- to-collect-250k-in-paychecks/

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