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    Pos. 1) Power plant; abt 60 MW, 50 Hz; driven with diesel engines; purchase only.
    Pos. 2) Power plant; abt 20 MW, 50 Hz; Fuel: HFO; purchase only.
    Pos. 3) Looking for airjet weaving machines; WW 220 CM; purchase only.
    Pos. 4) Complete ring spinning plant (30 000 spindles); YOM 10 onwards; purchase only.
    Pos. 5) Looking for crude degummed rapeseeds; Quantity: abt 5 000 TpM; purchase only.
    Pos. 6) Formaldehyde production plant with Iron - Molybdenum oxide technology; OUTPUT: abt 1000 000 TpY; purchase only.
    Pos. 7) Mixing tank (food industry) made with ST ST; Cap abt 1,5 CBM; Flow meter or Level Gauge; Motor supply: 380 VAC; purchase only
    Pos. 8) Air compressor; YOM 00 onwards; Motor; abt 300 kW; purchase only.
    OFFERS: Industry supply, logistic; more in: https://www.orley.de/industry-logistic-supply.htm
    Pos. 1) Blown film extruders; width 35 - 75 MM; YOM 80 -  mid 90's; sale only ---
    OFFERS: Manufacturing industry plants; more in: https://www.orley.de/manufacturing-industry-plants-sale-purchase.htm
    Pos. 1) Friction spinning machines - can produce yarns from wastes; YOM late 90's; OUTPUT: abt 35 kGpH; sale only.
    OFFERS: Chemical industry plants; more in: https://www.orley.de/chemical-industry-plants-sale-purchase.htm
    Pos. 1) OIL refinery (new); abt 300 000 CBMpY; Price: abt 15,0 MUS$; sale only. Pos. 2) Oil refinery (2 hand); abt 1 000 000 CBMpY; HDS unit for low sulphur DO; OUTPUT: Bio diesel, GO, Kerosene, and others; Price; abt 35,0 MUS$
    OFFERS: Power generation plants; more in: https://www.orley.de/power-generation-plants-sale-purchase.htm
    Pos. 1) Diesel engines (EU brand) driven power sets; abt 5,0 MW, 50 Hz; Fuel: HFO; YOM late 90's; fresh refurbished; sale only.
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