• Bob White Dies At 81. Unifor and UAW Leader.

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     I am a fan of UAW and Unifor because I worked at 3 different cruddy companies that they tried to unionize. One Damco aka Maersk aka HUDD aka DSL was eventually unionized by the RWU and the company installed union (CLAC) kicked out. The only one of my
    50 plus employers I still have a beef with. They never paid me my final paycheque and the working conditions were so hot that hottest day of the year with all the bay doors closed that might have provided ventilation that I went schizophrenic and ended
    up in the Royal Columbian Hospital psych ward. ATS was another company that I worked at.We had a HA member lead hand and it was pretty bad. Unifor failed to unionize it but a new owner TForce came along and really improved it the guys now have seniority
    rights. The gang members, there were 3 of them are long gone. Lordo the UAW failed to unionize and by a weird fluke I am working there 20 years since I quit being a FT employee there as a temp for three days starting tomorrow. I will be getting paid $14
    an hour for lifting and moving rotors while their regular employees only get $10.85.

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