• Somewhat OT - Goods and Not So Goods site has been updated

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    Goods and Not So Goods is a personal website relating to goods (freight) traffic in the UK from 1830 to (about) 2010.

    With the wind-up of free web space by ISPs the website has been consolidated and is now on one server but the entry point remains as


    Parts of the old site remain on myweb.tiscali and Google will find them but that account has been closed so I cannot update those pages.
    I am updating the site and changing the layout as I am told people want to look at it on their mobile phones. To facilitate that I have adopted the Project Gutenberg approach and concentrated on the information rather than the appearance. That simplified
    style will be rolled out across the site as I update the pages.
    This web site is a non commercial project, the information it contains was originally put together to assist my God son and to satisfy my own curiosity. Most of the sections on the site relate to railways but Appendix One deals with the world 'outside
    the fence' and there is an appendix dealing with playing with toy soldiers (the scenery side may be of interest to railway modellers).



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