• Unimog accident at Hannover 19.09.21

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    Hi all,

    No injuries, thankfully, but a very strange case!

    In Polish here: <https://40ton.net/unimog-z-pociagiem-intercity-najechal-na-inny-sklad-sprawa-ze-zdalnym-sterowaniem>

    Googlish excerpt:
    "The incident [...] happened on Sunday morning in Hanover. Fortunately,
    there were no casualties, although the case was given a very high rank.
    The investigation is carried out by the national police, the Unimog
    operator will be responsible for losses of 600,000. euro, and the
    charges will concern bringing about a threat to rail traffic.


    Sitting in the narrow and low cabin of the Unimog, the driver would not
    be able to operate such a huge train on his own. That is why a remote
    control system was created, which is operated by a radio remote control
    and allows you to leave the cabin. The driver-operator can then stand on
    the side of the truck on specially prepared, foldable steps. He can also
    get on the last wagon from the train, if the manoeuvres are performed backwards.

    The Hanover Unimog was in the process of shunting. Its driver was to set
    up the Deutsche Bahn InterCity passenger line-up and used a remote
    control system. However, instead of standing on the front platform,
    folded out to the side of the truck, he decided to operate the train
    from the cab of a pulled locomotive. Thus, he was a few meters behind
    the start of the line-up, and his visibility was additionally limited by
    the Unimog body. And for this reason - as the preliminary findings of
    the police indicate - it led to a [collision with] another InterCity
    train, standing on the same siding."

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