• SNCF to refurbish 60 Corail coaches for OUIGO

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    Hi all,

    These coaches are to be refurbished for OUIGO Vitesse Classique, which
    will be a new service launching in spring 2022.


    Video (in French) here:


    "SNCF will launch a new "Classic speed Ouigo" offer in spring 2022
    Two lines will be concerned initially: Paris-Nantes and Paris-Lyon.
    Tickets will be offered at a fixed price from 45 days before departure,
    with prices between 10 and 30 euros maximum.

    The SNCF will launch a new offering called "speed Ouigo classic" in
    spring 2022, with Corail trains rehabilitated, learned [franceinfo
    Thursday from the railway group]. This new offer will concern two lines, Paris-Nantes and Paris-Lyon, and will run Ouigo at conventional speed
    with rehabilitated Corail trains, repainted in pink with blue edging.

    From the Gare d'Austerlitz, the Paris-Nantes line will serve stations
    in Île-de-France. Trains will reach the two stations with journey times
    of between 3:30 and 4:15. For the Paris-Lyon line, departing from Paris
    Bercy, travel times will be between 4:45 and 5:15 a.m.

    Tickets will go on sale at a fixed price from 45 days before departure,
    with prices displayed between 10 and 30 euros maximum. Only one category
    of cars will exist, with no distinction between first and second
    classes. The prices will not change " from the opening of the sale until
    the departure of the train , assures the CEO of SNCF-Voyageurs,
    Christophe Fanichet. All passengers on the same train will pay the same
    price ."

    In total, three daily round trips are planned on the Paris-Nantes line,
    ie 3,840 places, and two round trips on the Paris-Lyon line, ie 2,560
    places. The stated objective is 1.2 million travelers in 2022. The
    experiment should last two years, until 2024, to see if the model works economically."

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