• Tenders for Berlin - Szczecin route

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    "Who will [operate] from Berlin to Szczecin for 12 years?

    Bids in the tender for the operation of the Berlin-Szczecin railway line
    on the Berlin-Angermünde-state border (RE 9) and Angermünde-state border
    (RB 66) lines are awaiting for two more weeks.

    The services are to cover 1,080,000 train-kilometers per year on the RE
    9 line and 430,000 train-kilometers per year on the RB 66 line. The line
    is to be operated on the state border-Szczecin section on its own
    account, further agreement with the West Pomeranian Voivodeship is
    possible here. In addition, it is possible to extend selected RE9 routes
    into the VBB communication link up to a distance of 200 thousand. train kilometers per year.

    The accelerated RE 9 trains would connect Szczecin and Berlin in just 90 minutes without a change. The German side would benefit from the
    strengthening of the offer, as it would mean strengthening the tact of
    trains on the regional line Angermünde-Berlin - trains would run here
    every 30 minutes (in combination with the line RE
    3Berlin-Angermünde-Stralsund / Schwedt (Oder).

    The tender covers the period from December 2026 to the end of 2038. 70%
    of the bidder is chosen by the price, and 30% by the quality. The
    standards applicable at VBB (free wifi network and dynamic passenger information system) are to be necessary here, the client also expects
    further solutions, such as, for example, more efficient air
    conditioning, convenient access to trains for disabled people, lighting adjusted to the time of day or more comfortable seats.

    It is worth adding that in the national railway program of Germany, the
    route from Angermünde to the state border is intended for two-track
    expansion and electrification (from the Passow station to Poland). The
    current support for this project amounts to EUR 100 million.

    Meanwhile, from the railway crossing near Szczecin, there is still a
    wreckage of a traction unit damaged in an accident with a Polish truck .
    DB Regio has informed us that they have already ordered the removal of a vehicle that has become a local attraction and of interest to graffiti

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