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    Googlish from the RK website:

    "We know exactly what rolling stock will be exhibited at the Trako 2021
    fair. There will be premieres, as many as two double-decker vehicles,
    hybrid vehicles and the first Polish hydrogen locomotive. PKP Intercity
    will present its latest vehicles. What will we see next?


    The open-air exhibition organized by Pesa promises to be very
    interesting. For the first time, visitors will also be able to see from
    the inside a completely new dual-system electric multiple unit for the
    private operator RegioJet . We will also see a hydrogen shunting
    locomotive for the first time. This is a very advanced conversion of the
    SM42, which will soon start dynamic testing in Orlen Koltrans.


    Polish Newag will also show two vehicles. For the first time, the public
    will have the opportunity to visit the interior of the first Polish
    two-system E6MST Dragon 2 electric locomotive, commissioned by PKP
    Cargo. Next to this locomotive, there will be a 36WEh dual-drive
    multiple unit, which Newag has already sold to Western Pomerania and
    Lower Silesia. The owner of the hybrid presented on Trako is West Pomerania.

    FPS H. Cegielski

    A very strong representation of FPS H. Cegielski, belonging to the
    country, will be. The manufacturer from Wielkopolska with great
    traditions will finally present the diesel shunting locomotive SM42
    modernized for PKP Intercity ( under the designation 6D-FPS), will show
    the modern 175A car (also for PKP Intercity) and a completely new
    traction unit from the Plus platform (which can move without a
    catenary), on which work with the help of funds from the National Center
    for Research and Development has been going on since 2017 . It will
    undoubtedly be one of the most interesting premieres of the fair. We
    still don't know much about the technical parameters of this vehicle.

    Škoda Transportation

    The Czech Škoda Transportation returns to Trako in a big way. This year,
    it will show a double-decker push-pull set manufactured for Czech
    Railways, which will soon start running on lines departing south from
    Ostrava . This is the newest and very interesting product of the Czechs. Undoubtedly, they want to signal that they are able to produce modern
    rolling stock for PKP Intercity,which started the search for vehicles of
    this type.


    Also for carriers who will be looking for large-capacity rolling stock
    in the coming years, Stadler will show a double-decker, three-unit
    multiple unit manufactured in Poland for the Slovenian Railways. We have already written a lot about this vehicle here. PKP Intercity will also
    show the latest Stadler product, which we write about below.

    Siemens Mobility

    Siemens will show the Vectron multi-system locomotive, already known to
    Polish carriers, but it will be the first vehicle to be painted by a new customer for new vehicles of this type: Lotos Kolej.


    Alstom is more and more active in Poland. In Gdańsk, on the tracks,
    apart from the multi-system Traxx locomotive (previously under the
    Bombardier brand), we will also see a very interesting hydrogen multiple
    unit Coradia iLint, which our journalists have already seen in Żmigród.
    Now it will be available to all visitors.

    PKP Intercity and new carriages

    PKP Intercity, as always on Trako, will prepare its own exhibition of
    vehicles. This year we will see the carrier's newest wagons. These will
    be: a new non-compartment 175A-10 passenger car for 200 km / h and international traffic , produced for PKP Intercity by FPS H. Cegielski,
    175A30 car ordered by the Ministry of National Defense(this is probably
    the only opportunity to get inside this vehicle), a restaurant car
    modernized by FPS, type 406A-40. The "Combo" wagon, the deliveries of
    which is slowly coming to an end by Pesa , and the modernized ED74 will
    also be presented.

    Finally, for the first time, future passengers will be presented with
    the new Flirt III electric multiple unit, under the designation ED150.

    Plasser & Theurer

    The manufacturer of specialized railway vehicles Plasser & Theurer will
    exhibit the following vehicles: Unimat 09-4x4 / 4S Dynamic with a
    trailer car and Unimat 09-4x8 / 4S Dynamic."


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