• VBG railcar on fire at Muldenberg 13.09.21

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    Hi all,

    From Facetube:

    "The fire brigades from Muldenberg and the surrounding areas were
    alerted to a burning railcar. Arrived at the former Muldenberg station,
    the incident report was confirmed, there was thick smoke and flames from
    the engine compartment. The train driver has already tried to extinguish
    the fire using fire extinguishers. The Muldenberger emergency services
    also set up an extensive fire fighting attack under breathing
    protection, first using a powder extinguisher, later using a foam pipe
    and a C-pipe for cooling. Since the fire in the engine compartment was difficult to access, the extinguishing work turned out to be very
    difficult. In order to improve the view in the interior of the railcar,
    it was smoked with a fan. Sufficient extinguishing water was pumped out
    of the Zwickau Mulde via a hose line. The rapid and targeted
    extinguishing work prevented a total loss of the railcar and this was
    then handed over to the representatives of the Vogtlandbahn. In addition
    to the thanks to the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Muldenhammer Wache
    Hammerbr├╝cke, Feuerwehr Gr├╝nbach/V. , Feuerwehr Falkenstein Vogtland for
    the once again excellent cooperation, we would like to take this
    opportunity to express our thanks and respect to the train driver. He
    had driven the already burning railcar to Muldenberg station, brought
    all passengers to safety, made initial attempts to extinguish the fire
    and supported the work of the fire brigade with his specialist knowledge."

    Source: <https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1454735531559717&id=446585555708058>
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