• Roadrailer / Kombirail in Europe? What happened?

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    Brian Rumary wrote:
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    From more reading, it seems that Europeans moved towards the 'swap
    bodies' and 'trailers in pocket wagons' solution instead of Roadrailer.

    To me, this looks rather wasteful as a solution, am I overlooking something?

    I don't know if you are aware of this, but the "Trailer on flatcar" (ToF) method used in the USA is impossible in Europe, due to the smaller loading gauge of European railways. Double-stack container trains are also out, for the same reason.
    I never mentioned TOFC or double stacking
    (I live in Greece, so I know something about continental loading gauge

    I have seen a photo of double-stacking in Finland BUT with lower-than-standard containers.

    One should know that Finnish loading gauge is not to be compared with Central Europe,
    and, for the upper part, is IIRC even more generous than the Russian one.

    From Wikipedia: electric double-stacking with standard containers requires catenary to be at 7,6 metres (in India, with normal wagons) or 6,6 metres
    (in China, with extra-low-bed container wagons).

    Regards, ULF

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