• Moldova: still trains between Chininau and Odessa?

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    igor schrieb am Dienstag, 4. Juli 2006 um 00:17:11 UTC+2:
    igor wrote:
    It's an iternational through car, that's why Ekspress-3 may have
    problems with it. It used to go via Tiraspol and was attached to the
    Odessa - Przemysl/Warszawa group of cars. After the Transnistria
    blockade it is routed via Ochnita. It goes to Warsaw on even-numbered
    days, on odd-numbered only to Przemysl.

    A photo from May 2006: http://transport.asi.pwr.wroc.pl/0.1A/tournee.php?p=13569
    the dark-green car is the CFM sleeper Chisinau-Warszawa,

    No souch service any more for many years...

    then follows
    the Odessa-Warszawa UZ sleeper and then PKP cars from Przemysl Glowny.

    I read CFM regional & "suburban" passenger service is to be stopped
    on 12th this mont, and I guess, for pandemia reasons, there is no international service at the moment (quite sure concerning from/via Ukraine, not that sure from Romania).

    CFM was said to have failed to pay their employees in a way avoiding delays
    of a couple of months. Also, on domestic services, the percentage of non- railwayman-travellers was said to be low.

    To all that, add pandemia.

    Regards, ULF

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