• Recent non-highspeed main lines in Europe (was: New line(s) in UK?)

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    Am Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2003 22:06:19 UTC+2 schrieb Ulf Kutzner:
    Phil Richards schrieb:

    Most other improvements have been "fettling up" existing
    lines, and the construction of occasional chords here and
    there between other lines.

    Plus of course branches to several airports (Manchester, Stansted etc.)
    in the last 20 or so years. The trend of course has extended to most
    other countries across Europe (& other parts of the world) too...

    IIRC, mainlines Madrid - Aranda - Burgos and Medina del Campo - Zamora - Ourense (or important parts of them) were opened around 1968.

    1435 mm HSL section Zamora - Pedrera (on the way to Ourense)
    will open tomorrow.

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