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    gregor hinker schrieb:

    what happened to the spanish part of the Transphyrenean line Puigcerdà--Barcelona? HAFAS doesn't list any trains at the moment.

    Don't trust Hafas when it comes to Renfe, they often don't have any
    current timetables ....


    RENFE national or international* suburban services
    will not be found in DB hafas travel planner,
    what is indeed a pity.

    tells us:

    Debido a las obras de mejora de la línea Ripoll-Puigcerdá que realiza el Ministerio de Fomento y con objeto de garantizar la movilidad de los ciudadanos, entre el 7 de mayo y el 30 de septiembre se establecerá un servicio alternativo de autobuses que comunicará las estaciones de
    Ripoll, Campdevànol y Ribes de Freser y asegurará la continuidad del recorrido.

    Computer translation:

    Due to works of improvement of the Ripoll-Puigcerdá line that the
    Ministry of Public Works and the Economy makes and object to guarantee mobility of the citizens, between the 7 of May and the 30 of September
    will settle down an alternative service of buses that will communicate
    the stations of Ripoll, Campdevànol and Ribes de Freser and will assure
    the continuity the route.

    New bustitution from June 2020 to February 2021.
    Main tunnel to be repaired.

    *) Line goes as far as La Tour de Carol, in more
    local language La Tor de Querol.

    I can add the link to the current bustitution timetable
    on request.

    Regards, ULF

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