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    I'll try to give you some information in spite of my poor english. I'm so sorry. But I know Spain rather well, especially the northern region.

    From France border to El Ferrol (near Coruna), there is a narrow track railway used by people living all the northern coast along. The company is FEVE (Ferrocarriles Espanoles de Via Estrecha). It's a very slow train because the line follows rivers, the coast, etc. It's modern and looks like Paris tube. I like it because it is typical and many sightseeings are

    This company is the operator of the "Transcantabrico", a luxurious touristic train that offers a one week journey between East and West ; it's a package rather expansive all included (meals, suite, shows, all kinds of visits, etc.) ; it looks like a small Orient Express...

    I think you could get more information on the FEVE Internet site.

    FEVE has been now transferred to RENFE, so they accept
    Interrail passes. This does not include Euskotren
    from Hendaye to Bilbao.

    Regards, ULF

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