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    We didn't have a reservation, and it could well have been full (these trains were fast, but had only limited capacity). Spain at the time had slow all-day loco-hauled trains on most routes, fast Talgos on some, TERs on some (two-car dmus), Electrotrens on some (fast emus, four-car?) and some TAF (fast but vintage dmus).

    The key words were "pasar por taquilla" (go to counter).
    Have there already been five types of supplement
    A (Talgo), B (Electrtrén), C (TER), D, E besides
    mandatory reservation for long-distance trains?

    When traveling in the 80ies on Interrail, I avoided
    ticket counters and trains with supplement and was
    fine in the ordinary expreso trains.

    Regards, ULF

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