• Interesting Story about Rail

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    Op 28-8-2013 om 22:17 schreef Rhino:
    I just stumbled on this BBC story about the direct run from London to
    Brighton. They have three separate films of the train making that
    journey, one from 1953, one from 1983, and one from 2013, and run
    them in parallel so you can see what has - and what hasn't -


    Frankly, I'm surprised by how little has changed. Then again, I don't
    suppose that many people build things that are going to be visible
    to passengers on the train who are looking strictly forward. If the
    view had been perpendicular to the train, I suppose there would have
    been many more visible changes.

    Thank you for sharing.
    You can still watch this video (these 3 video's).


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