• Some information about stimulus checks and the deceased.

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    The IRS letter I received on March 8, 2021 said the IRS needed an additional 60 days to send me a complete response. Over 90 days has passed. Today I called the IRS. I was on hold for half an hour, then I spoke to an IRS staffer who had me on hold off-
    and-on throughout the call, as the IRS staffer tried to get a handle on the two pieces of correspondence between the IRS and me on this matter. About 1.5 hours later, the IRS staffer instructed me to file a Form 1310, titled "Statement of Person Claiming
    Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer." I believe the IRS staffer's (or his supervisor's) idea was either that I could:

    -- amend the decedent's 2019 taxes and claim the refund. I do not see IRC authority for this for tax year 2019.

    -- file a 2020 tax return for the decedent. Among other problems with the latter approach, I am pretty sure the Internal Revenue Code section for the first round of stimulus payments ($1200 for most single people) indicates this is not allowed.

    -- give up with the attempt to claw back the $1200.

    I think this battle's over. I salute the IRS for successfully de-frauding many decedents (and so their estates' beneficiaries) nationwide of $1200 per decedent. I own the role of my own incompetence, trusting the government to be honest.

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