• Ways To Accelerate Income Post-December 31?

    From Roger Fitzsimmons@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 9 19:53:28 2022
    I am retired and age 64 and try to manage my taxable income to optimize my multi-year taxes. I have appreciated securities to sell and IRA's to convert to Roth, and with all the moving parts of Obamacare subsidies (which apply to me this year and next),
    taxability of social security, etc. I am looking to hit the sweet spot each year.

    I discovered that I had significantly less taxable income in 2021 than I would have liked. If I could roll back the clock, I would generate another $10-20K of income in 2021 by selling appreciated securities or doing Roth conversions.

    The only thing I've been able to think of to manage this issue is to make my 2021 retirement plan contributions Roth rather than traditional, but that's only $12K because that's the amount of my earned income (I have a solo 401(k)). This is
    mathematically the same as doing a $12K Roth conversion.

    Is there anything else clever and legal I can do that would push income from 2022 into 2021? Obviously I believe the answer is no or else I'd be doing it instead of asking for advice.

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