• Microsoft "Improves" Hotmail by switching it to buggy Outlook

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    On Monday, March 18, 2013 at 4:31:59 PM UTC-5, David Powell wrote:
    Outlook sucks and attachments won't work!

    The web is full of complainers!

    Bring back Hotmail, Microsoft!

    Someone mentioned legal action, not sure it is possible, but man Microsoft has messed up a lot of people!

    Microsoft is in so much trouble with what is happening in the Elections, there is a criminal complaint against them is very very serious where billgates himself is accused of using Police to infiltrate companies to defraud them of any tech that is worth
    it and for using US Regulators (lawyers) that are actually working for both microsoft and the DOJ, which is how billgates gets away with his crime, then he just pays off the clinton foundation for $150 million and comey and the rest of the FBI then go
    after the complainer.

    its sad how billgates operates and it is true, he personally has never developed anything, in fact right from the start it has been Steven Jobs and Wazniak with the operating system and the entire entertainment division is based on technology developed
    by Alex P. Thorn, this include self replicating webpages which facebook is based on as is linkedin.

    I read the Crimnal Complaint and it is as serious as it can get.

    I personally think eventually bill gates will end up in jail and it will be for a very long time.

    Especially seeing what he is doing to President Trump.

    Once they get Mueller out of the way, i am quite sure Donald Trump will go after him for what he has done to Donald Family with the Murdoch bill gates controlled mainstream media.

    honestly i can't wait for that day. i hope it is soon, so i can go and visit him in jail and laugh at his corrupt ass.

    Poetic justice is come for billgates that satanic pedophile and he deserves to be jailed for the rest of his life.

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