• Remove lesbian lawyer Robyn Owens from Tulsa Grievance Committee

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    On Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Anonymous wrote:
    Remove angry lesbian lawyer Robyn Owens from the Tulsa Grievance Committee because she hates men.

    Robyn wishes she had a dingus, but does not. She hangs out at her daddy's law office with her dutiless brother who is not a lawyer and plays at being in the oil business. Daddy Owens is a control freak who used to make Robyn barrel race in rodeos, because "Daddy made me do it! - Is this good enough Daddy?" The office is known as the "Owens Family Affair".

    Robyn brags about her college and law school days where she drank her
    weight in Scotch and freely admits she can't remember a thing because of
    all the blackouts. Any lawyer who went through law school in an alcoholic blackout and brags about it should be kicked off the Grievance Committee.

    When Robyn was growing up she played racket ball just to beat the boys.
    Then she got hurt and started to exercise by swimming and doing water aerobics in the pool with 400 pound bimbos whom she still hits on. Robyn's most recent lesbian lover is a Tulsa police woman who makes Robyn give
    great face. In return, Robyn takes a great horned dildo right up the gazoo end. Robyn is the doll, but requires multiple bull dykes to whip her into submission (just like Daddy Owens used to do with his limp dick in front of mama who died of broken heart when she learned Robyn was fay as a fairy).

    Robyn has 21 god children, and tells absolutely everyone about them, hoping some of them will grow up to hate men and practice lesbianism. Robyn
    always talks about her god children because she is guilty she had none.
    But no man would want Robyn. She has stainless steel teeth and would like
    to chomp a dingus right in two if she could. Robyn says she does not hate men, but she hates "mens, those smelly, farty, disgusting, fat, worthless mens".

    Robyn has many senile clients at Saint Simeon's Nursing Home where she rips them off until they die. One day Robyn had to get her uterus ripped out so she disappeared for 8 weeks. No one knew where she was, and her clients up and died without Robyn knowing or caring. Any lawyer who neglects her clients as does Robyn should not be allowed on the Tulsa Grievance
    Committee. What happens when the old people's families complain about lesbian Robyn to the committee? Robyn intercepts it and quashes it, of course.

    Health care staff who are forced to work with Robyn hate her so much they don't even call her a cunt or a kunt; they call her a HOLE.

    Robyn's favorite expression is "If you want your licks, get them on Highway 66." - pretty raunchy for even an episcopalian lesbian.

    Remove angry lesbian lawyer Robyn Owens from the Tulsa Grievance Committee because she hates men.

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