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    Em terįa-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2002 23:12:35 UTC-2, DPN Data Packet Networks Sucks escreveu:
    I wanted to alert you all to a problem I have been having with Data
    Packet Networks,aka DPN, aka BriNet Networks.

    I wish I had checked with the florida Better Business Bureau before I
    decided to host my site on Datapacket.net. It turns out that Data
    Packet Networks has an unsatisfactory standing with the BBB. There is
    also a slew of complaints about them on sites such as DSL Reports, and numerous flames and complaints here on UseNet.

    Most of the complaints allege the same sorts of things: arbitrarily
    deleting customer accounts, frequent downtime, unresponsive and/or
    rude "customer service."

    Some of the reviews even condemn Data Packet Networks in the harshest
    of terms, using phrases like "A Scam," "Who are they fooling?", and
    "Avoid Datapacket.net."

    I've collected much of this information on a web site that they have
    inspired me to created:

    Here I chronicle my experience with Mr. Brian William Bennett and his operation. I have links to reviews and his Better Business Bureau
    report. I've also created a Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/datapacketsucks

    Oh, and of course there is a guest book.

    You are welcome to join the group or post to the guest book to
    commiserate about your Data Packet experiences.

    Here is the contact Info for Data Packet Networks (DPN):

    Brian William Bennett
    Data Packet Networks
    P.O. Box 915972
    Longwood, FL 32779

    3859 Wekiva Springs Road Suite # 323
    Longwood, FL 32779

    Email: billing@datapacket.net,help@datapacket.net,info@datapacket.net,webmaster@datapacket.net

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    Is a complete lost of money and maybe clients. I used theirs services for 2 months, slowly moving some of my webdesign clients and suddly I start receive a lot calls and ticket problems about websites down and emails issues. So I realize was true and the
    services was down almost 2 hours every day, also, each day was a different problem their try to excuse. Anyway, I moved out. I donīt recommend also, their support lie about little stuffs like they are lease for some jobs...
    Also they never answer that Phone showing in PAYPAL payments. Their phone is: 206-888-4402 NOT GOOD AT ALL!

    The lies is that you can host unlimited websites, but they start set your websites to respond slowly or is they server can not handle that.., Iīm not sure but the support guy tells me that I can host just websites of my own company even not reselling.

    Another problem I found is even using a Reseller Plan you will not have control in parts as a Reseller you should have like Enable or Disable AntiSPAM on your domains, little things like that you have to ask.

    I lost 2 clients because of their bad services and time down. So itīs what itīs...


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