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    From micky@21:1/5 to RichD on Tue Aug 30 22:02:15 2022
    RichD said in another thread:
    By custom, a first offender receives a light sentence. The high end is >reserved for the beloved career criminals

    What about trump? AIUI, he would be a first offender if convicted for
    the mar a lago documents, but since it stretched out over months, with
    iiuc different crimes committed months apart, were he convicted of two
    or more counts, could he be sentenced for the first one as a first
    offender, and for other as a repeat offender?

    2) While I'm here, I'm posting the link below just because I think it's marvelous how speedily stuff can circulate these days.

    DOJ had a midnight deadline to answer the requests of judge 2, and it
    was reported at 11:30 that they'd filed the answer. I kept googling
    "doj responds to trump motion" and at 12:03, I got several hits,
    including the entire 36 or so pages. Under an hour after it was filed.
    (It says 54 pages but there are 18 pages of attachments.) (although
    there was some filing about a weeek ago in the case that I coudln't find
    in the 5 minutes I tried.)

    I skipped the repetition of facts (although I think there is some new
    stuff in there**) and I'm reading the arguments. 80% or more is in
    plain English it seems pretty easy to follow. Once you figure out what "movant" means and 1 or 2 other words.

    Although I'm only up to page 22 and I might be getting bored.


    **They found papers in his office and his bedroom closet I heard earlier
    today. Not sure if it's in the DOJ Response, but probably.

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