• IRS letter

    From Noel@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 3 12:42:59 2022
    Its July and finally heard from my state 2021 tax statement. Apparently, the computer caught a math mistake I made by excluding a credit i should have entered. They show the amount...fine...who is going to argue about credits. Anyhow, the previous year,
    everything being status quo to my knowledge, I wondered why the computer did not pick up on that same area. I read the formula in the instruction booklet and it mentions that to reach at that figure i had to multiply my taxable income, minus another
    amount by a .228% and then add a small amount. I have been doing my own tax's for many, many years and Math was not one of my best achievements. I do get by up to certain point, but i cannot figure how they came up with the figure they give me and would
    hope someone, with Math knowledge that I lack can tell me how to figure this amount out, so at least i won't ignore next years tax's. ....the ".228%" has thrown me off.

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