• Re: miscegenation, was same sex marriage

    From John Levine@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jun 25 11:55:02 2022
    According to Barry Gold <bgold@labcats.org>:
    Did anyone notice that he didn't mention "Loving v Virginia"? I wonder
    why he overlooked that one :o)

    Probably because Loving is pretty solidly based on the 14th Amendment:

    ...nor shall any State...deny to any person within its jurisdiction the
    equal protection of the laws.

    Treating people differently because of their race is pretty clearly what
    the writers of the 14th had in mind.

    Not at all, it was separate but equal. White people couldn't marry black people, black people couldn't marry white people. In 1883 the court held
    that was fine in Pace vs. Alabama, so Loving is just another instance of
    a rogue court rewriting our perfect 18th and 19th century laws.

    I hope nobody asks Thomas what he thinks about Lochner vs New York or
    Plessy vs Ferguson. Or maybe they should, just to get it on the record.

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