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    From Gerts Werks@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 27 07:23:22 2022
    I have been fighting a claims of embezzlement and conversion brought by my niece as guardian for my mother. Mom stayed with me for 19 months and contributed to household expenses through a joint account. The niece claims this was embezzlement. I can no
    longer afford an attorney and a jury trial is scheduled in less than a month. I am terrified. I am 70. During discovery the plaintiff made many false claims that are contradicted by her own “evidence”. Is there a way I can get the judge to review
    this before trial? I have heard of a merits hearing but like another poster can find no information. This is a court of common pleas in SC. I am considering filing a motion for sanctions because any reasonable attorney would have seen the deceptions
    inherent in the claims. Also I feel the ominous sound of these high crime claims will unfairly prejudice the jury against me. Any help is much appreciated.

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