• Court orders a piece of the Internet blocked

    From Roy@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 5 07:41:25 2022
    I have monitored the Internet business for years. Got my first Internet
    email address in 1987.

    Below is the excerpt of news of a district court order ALL ISPs to block
    some pirate websites.



    Greetings -

    Recently, a court issued a troubling set of rulings in a default decision against "Israel.TV" and some other sites.




    While the issue of domains being confiscated and being handed over to a prevailing plaintiff for an international domain with no obvious nexus
    to the United States by a United States court via orders to companies
    that happen to be in the United States is a bit of a concerning issue,
    that's not operationally relevant.

    What's more concerning is that the ruling includes an expansive clause
    B, "Against Internet Service Providers (ISPs):"

    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all ISPs (including without
    limitation those set forth in Exhibit B hereto) and any
    other ISPs providing services in the United States shall
    block access to the Website at any domain address known
    today (including but not limited to those set forth in
    Exhibit A hereto) or to be used in the future by the
    Defendants (.Newly-Detected Websites.) by any technological
    means available on the ISPs. systems. The domain addresses
    and any NewlyDetected Websites shall be channeled in such
    a way that users will be unable to connect and/or use the
    Website, and will be diverted by the ISPs. DNS servers
    to a landing page operated and controlled by Plaintiffs
    (the .Landing Page.) which can be reached as follows:

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