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    From Eli the Bearded@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 3 16:56:23 2021
    Some months ago I helped my wife apply for two trademarks for her
    business. I've been checking the USPTO site roughly monthly as
    instructed to watch the prograss of the application and there have
    been no issues so far (but the "three months" to review by an
    USPTO agent was far off). This week I see that the two marks have been "published" in the Trademark Official Gazette.

    I had been under the impression that was the end of the process, but
    clearly it is not.

    Any party who believes it will be damaged by the registration of the
    mark may file a notice of opposition (or extension of time therefor)
    with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. If no party files an
    opposition or extension request within thirty (30) days after the
    publication date, then eleven (11) weeks after the publication date
    a certificate of registration should issue.

    So that's the end? 30 days plus 77 days from publication?

    There's also a mention in the has-been-published email to check the "application" every three months now. Is that every three months until
    such time as the trademark is abandoned or until the "certificate of registration"?

    Then after that I have a rough idea of the renewal process, start after
    the 5th anniversary of the filing and finish before the 6th anniversary,
    then again for 9th/10th anniversary dates. But just to confirm those are relative to initial application date, not "publication" or "certificate"
    dates, correct?

    "published" in the gazette just means "shown on a website", right?

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