• How does the justice system survive if judges can wilfully impose their

    From S K@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 27 11:49:59 2021
    Case in point the kyle rittenhouse case.

    The judge has ruled the victims of shootings in the case cannot be called "victims". But many other judges allow that.

    but he has also ruled that the defense can call them "rioters", "arsonists" etc.

    How can such arbitrary idiosyncratic actions by judges be permitted?

    youtube says "That judge didn't just put his thumb on the scales of justice he slammed his whole body weight on top of it. This court case is so deeply tainted by this judge's politics, it should be thrown out due to mistrial."

    A "guilty" outcome may trigger a civil war initiated by gun-rights activists - but they should have stopped the case from going to court if they were afraid of that.

    The way the judge is being insolent and disrespectful to the prosecutor doing his job is a blot on the US judiciary system.

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