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    by Brett Samuels - 02/11/23
    A senior Pentagon official told reporters last week that Chinese
    government surveillance balloons hovered over the continental U.S. “at
    least three times” during the Trump administration, and one additional
    time at the beginning of the Biden administration.

    Since that disclosure, a slew of former Trump administration officials
    who worked in the intelligence community have uniformly said they were
    unaware of Chinese spy balloons hovering over the U.S. at any point
    during the last administration.

    “I don’t ever recall somebody coming into my office or reading anything
    that the Chinese had a surveillance balloon above the United States,”
    Mark Esper, who served as Defense secretary from July 2019 through
    November 2020, said on CNN last week.

    Kellogg, who briefly served as acting national security adviser to
    Trump, said he was unaware of the sightings, as did John Bolton, who
    spent roughly a year in the role.

    Kellogg even suggested there should be congressional hearings on how the sightings could have happened without national security officials in the
    Trump White House being notified.

    By Jenny Leonard and Jennifer Jacobs February 5, 2023
    Chinese surveillance balloons flew over the continental United States at
    least three times during the Trump years, according to a senior
    administration official, but key details about the incursions weren’t
    widely known until after Joe Biden took office.

    By Alexander Ward and Lara Seligman 02/05/2023
    Biden admin offers to brief Trump officials on past Chinese spy balloon incursions
    Officials in the last administration denied that the airships had flown
    over the U.S. on their watch.

    Still, it helps explain why five senior Trump administration officials
    POLITICO spoke with on Sunday said they were never told of such
    incidents occurring when they were in office. “This never happened. It
    would have never happened,” Trump told Fox News on Sunday.
    And how much credibility has that got? None.

    --[Apparently none of these 5 senior trump officials would go on the

    Some officials did speak in generalities, however. DoD tracks “hundreds”
    of balloons every day, but they are typically not deemed a threat. Their presence close to or over the United States would not be brought to the attention of senior leaders unless their behavior was “completely out of
    the ordinary, like this one,” said one senior Pentagon official.

    This is 5, not "everyone", as trader phrased it. Maybe he can find more,
    but since we don't have any names, we won't know if they are different
    people or the same. More importantly, they are only saying they
    weren't told, not that it never happened.

    I think you can tell, but just to be sure:
    I am not a lawyer.

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