• volunteering for a search

    From micky@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 5 10:21:02 2023
    I'm heard more than once, although maybe each time from MSNBC**, that
    trump's places in Bedminster and NYC can't be searched because they
    don't have recent probable cause for these specific locations.

    But after some discussions with, complaining to, whatever by doj to
    trump's lawyers, they offerred to hire a 3rd party group that would
    search all three places. They offered to let the DOJ watch, but the doj
    turned them down acc. one lawyer on msnbc because if the govt. were at
    all involved, more rules would have to be followed (what, I don't know.
    The need for probable cause?)

    So the 3rd party searche on its own and found two classified documents
    in a storage locker meant for temporary storage in Palm Beach (which the
    GSA must have rented/built because it was near maralago.

    But I guess they found nothing in the other 2 places. But did they
    search as well as the doj would have? Did they go through Melania's
    underwear drawer (which they did do at maralago aiui)

    Now the DOJ wants the court to hold the office it's been dealing with in contempt, and I'm sure they deserve it.

    THE QUESTION; If they were held in contempt, could they make a deal to
    cure their contempt by volunteering to let DOJ search those 2 or 3
    places even without probable cause? Does that sound like a good deal
    for DOJ? Does that sound like a fair deal for a trump lawyer who has
    been told there is nothing to find there, assuming he cares even a
    little about the contempt finding? Does that go on the lawyer's
    "permanent record"?

    **Not the best news source, not neutral that's for sure, and I'm not
    endorsing it, but I listen to MSNBC hours every day because if you don't
    like trump, it's like candy.

    I think you can tell, but just to be sure:
    I am not a lawyer.

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