• Linea Nigra?

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    Stefani Schultz wrote:

    The Linea Niagra is a result of the rectus muscle being stretched. I
    have had three children so far and I have only had it show up with my second child. The muscle finally stretched enough for the line to show through. Maybe it won't show this time. The muscle may not be
    stretched quite as tight this time around. You never know.

    Hmmm...I've never heard that. Here's what I've read/heard:

    Everyone has a line when not pregnant - it's called the linea alba, you just can't see it. And when you become pregnant, the raging hormones cause the "white" line to become pigmented in some women, thus causing the "white" or invisible line to become darker, resulting in the linea nigra. This seems to
    jive with other things I've read that say some women develop dark splotches on their faces (called the "mask of pregnancy") caused by hormones also. That could also explain why you don't get it with every child - hormones levels could be different with every pregnancy.

    Has anyone else read this?

    Stephanie and soon to be Brandon
    with a very faint linea nigra...

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