• New SEC liquidity rules for funds, ETFs could have interesting effe

    From Rich Carreiro@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 30 09:51:10 2015
    And a commenter on that post notes:

    "I bring your attention to the list of items on page 404 noted above,
    and in particular the last item on that list, item I. In the spirit of
    this article's title, that item is a rather large bomb. Specifically, a
    fund must take into account, "Relationship of the asset to another
    portfolio asset." In other words, the SEC wants a fund to measure
    cross-asset impact on liquidity - how does liquidation of any one asset
    affect cost of liquidation of other assets. Just think for a moment
    about what might be required to get a reasonable handle on that. Here is
    the link to the proposed rule: http://1.usa.gov/1iV1Mkf"

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