• AT&T Wireless AWE stock is it of any value

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    I have a recent, similar situation. My dad passed away, and now my mom has also, so I've been going through ALL of the stock statements, etc. for every stock they owned. I came across some correspondence showing 38 shares of ATT Wireless. The last correspondence was around 2003. I called my ATT broker
    and they told me that ATT Wireless cashed out any remaining stocks held by stockholders (and sent checks to shareholders of ATT Wireless) if stockholders took no action before the deadline. If, say, checks were sent out and the shareholder never cashed them, the money would have ended up in the state "treasury" for unclaimed property. You can go on line and search the database (typing in name of the relative and any other info needed) and see if any left money resides (this happens a lot when people don't bother cashing in rebate checks). After my dad passed away I did a search on my dad and found that he never cashed in NCR stocks (or never received a check for the stocks...check lost in mail or whatever) and was able to claim a few hundred bucks for my mom.

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