• Nevada School Calls For Diversity Training After Students Drag Black Ma

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    I personally see nothing wrong with dragging a pile of plastic
    around. It certainly doesn't resemble anything human.

    Students at Damonte Ranch high school in Reno, Nevada, may be
    going through a much-needed diversity training in the upcoming
    weeks. This, after a homecoming parade included a Black
    mannequin being dragged by a student in a cowboy costume.

    According to a local NBC-affiliate, the display was a part of a student-conceptualized float where the school’s mascot, a
    mustang, was supposed to use a rope to lasso a student (not a
    mannequin) dressed up as the opposing school’s mascot, a knight.
    Instead, a number of events led to what came off as a racially
    insensitive moment.

    “This incident and the behavior of those responsible is utterly
    inconsistent with our collective commitment to equity,
    diversity, responsibility, and kindness for all of our students
    and staff members,” read a statement on the district’s website
    that followed the Friday night incident. The school also
    launched an investigation into what occurred.

    https://www.essence.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/190924- damonte-ranch-homecoming-football-game- ew_c2e03e41c6ec1c0efe764ad420cd757e.fit-1240w-1200x800.jpg

    In an incident report obtained by NBC News, students say the
    mannequin idea came about after a plan to use a blow-up doll
    fell through. In addition, the reason the mannequin ended up
    being dragged was that it would not stand up on the float where
    it was originally supposed to be placed. As far as the color,
    that was explained away by saying it was supposed to be gray but
    students could not find one to purchase online.

    The report also claims that the students intended to
    “demonstrate a traditional, friendly rivalry.” That plan,
    however, went terribly wrong.

    The district said action will be taken against those responsible
    for the incident. According to their statement, this may entail
    a formal apology as well as “schoolwide redoubling of efforts
    around civil rights, equity, and diversity training.”


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