• I need a receiver for 104-103/202 & 103/202 & DTC!

    From wan wei@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jan 18 14:44:07 2020
    I need a receiver!

    DTC - For the return for the sender and me 35% and for you and your receiver 65%.The receiver and his bank officer should give this letter and then the sender will give the POF!There is no letter from the banker of the receiver - no pof - and no deal!

    IP-IP - Return 35% without debate and for you and the receiver 65%!IP-IP - this is without upfront!Attached.

    103/202 - Return 65% without debate and for you and the receiver 35%.The receiver pays a prepayment / upfront of 15k and receives 103/202.Up to 103/202, the receiver shows a bank statement in the amount of 300k.Attached.

    Just choose a deal and I will send the contract!


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