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    Bowden is another in a long line of characters who claim to have "unlocked >the secrets of Gann." (Hell, I'll tell you Gann's secrets for free, in fact
    I have already posted them on this newsgroup.)

    Would you be kind enough to repost them please?

    Sure. Gann was a forerunner of Larry Williams, Tom Demark, Richard Dennis, etc. The secrets he discovered had nothing to do with actual trading; rather, he discovered the secrets of fooling people into believing that he could make money trading. And he discovered the secrets of selling these people "methods" by which it was claimed they could make money. In other words he was one of the first con artists in the trading field--one who makes money exclusively by selling others trading methods, and/or advice, and/or brokerage services. Of course many have continued to profit from his name over the years by claiming they have unlocked the "secrets" of Gann and them selling them to unsuspecting traders. Of course the secret they unlocked is the same secret Gann had--how to succeed as a con artist.

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    After 20 years have you found a way of trading that works?

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