• Hydrosalpinx Anyone??

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    在 1997年2月27日星期四 UTC+8下午4:00:00,Jerilene写道:
    I went to my specialist today. Had a very good consultation. I have a
    "very huge" haldrosalpinx in my left tube. He also detected a fibroid
    tumor. I was so worried, my only option would be IVF. Before I left, I
    found an article called "The impact of hydrosalpinx on successful
    pregnancy in tubal factor infertility treated by in vitro fertilization"

    Before I even showed him the article, every word that was in the article
    came out of his mouth. In the article an alternative hyposthesis suggest
    that the tubal fluid contained in hydrosalpinges exerts a negative
    impact on implantation by exposing the endometrium/or embryo to a biochemically altered environment. He also explained that the
    hydrosalpinx also sends negative effects on my good tube.

    He will now do a lap to see if the hydrosalpinx can be removed by lap.
    He will also check the other tubes conditions to be sure it is healthy.I
    also told him my concern on having only one tube. (ovulating every other month on each side) He said he would "super ovulate" me with other
    fertility drugs--I believe he said "metrodine". I would love to hear any imput from anyone with a similar experience.

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