• Do Patriotic Work, With Pay, to Awaken the People

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    Do Patriotic Work, With Pay, to Awaken the People

    A confederation of corporate and banking empires has, for
    generations, overrun and subverted the People's Government of the
    United States of America. Now, they feel powerful enough to make
    their long-anticipated move to nullify the Constitution of the
    United States and to stealthily institute their totalitarian system
    of domination over the American People who represent the last
    fortress against their creeping lust for all the human energies and
    natural resources of our planet Earth, upon which the generations of
    our children and our children's children depend.

    Consequent shock and outrage have compelled me to devote more and
    more of my time and labor to combatting this tidal wave of corporate domination, veiled by the distorted window on the World which they use
    to mesmerize the American People into blissful submission: television.

    It has come to a point in the decay process of our People's freedom
    and self-determination when PATRIOTS OF CONSCIENCE must transmit
    their knowledge to the deluded multitudes of fellow citizens in the
    U.S.A. and to their fellow human beings in countries around the

    I have established THE PEOPLE'S SPELLBREAKER, a daily (or as daily
    as we can make it) electronic/paper newspaper for delivery to a much
    larger readership than the major computer networks. Its pages will
    contain the shocking, revealing, empowering truth that is so vitally
    needed in today's world of ad-filled, puffed, fraudulent news reportage.
    It will contain expos'es which, for the past several years, have been well-concealed by the corporate mass media, and which serve as a
    correction lens on our recent past to give sharp focus to the mystifying pattern of political and social upheavals now sweeping our World,
    our society and our personal lives.

    Initially, THE PEOPLE'S SPELLBREAKER will deliver various series
    read on these boards before: The Casolaro Murder, CIA Drug Smuggling,
    The Assassination of President Kennedy and many other astounding
    stories. But that is just the beginning. There will also be a
    succession of series, never before posted, to merge with the stream
    of earlier series.

    If you agree with the concerns for truth that I have expressed,
    please join me as a member of the staff of THE PEOPLE'S SPELLBREAKER
    and let's work together to deliver the truth as far and wide as our
    spirits and our imaginations can take us.

    Just download the articles of the series that I am currently posting,
    and reproduce them on paper using a printer or have them printed
    on newspaper sheets. Deliver copies to the doors or mailboxes of
    people in your neighborhood and beyond. Place stacks of THE
    SPELLBREAKER near the cash registers of diners, luncheonettes, pizza
    parlors, Chinese restaurants, convenience stores, senior citizens
    centers, college cafeterias. Distribute THE PEOPLE'S SPELLBREAKER
    to workers entering and exiting factories and office buildings,
    and to worshippers exiting their houses of worship. We always see
    newspaper vending machines on sidewalks near workplaces, dispensing
    The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. If they can do it,
    we too have an equal right to place our own vending machines on
    public sidewalks. You have a right to the same access that they
    have in earning a just reward for your labor.

    I believe that once our prospective readers become interested in
    this information, they will reject the corporate-owned newspapers of deception, thus saving themselves money in the bargain.

    None of us can afford to work for nothing and still expect to
    disseminate the quantity and quality of information that is needed
    to pry the People of the United States away from the mass media
    Svengali that is duplicitously designing their downfall.

    Contact me by e-mail or by postal mail, and I can then tell you
    about earning an income for your work, as well as helping to support no-profit, no-sponsors, listener-funded WBAI in return for WBAI's
    providing the information that I will provide to you as a source of
    your income.

    In later announcements, I'll explain to you, and invite your
    suggestions on, my ideas for the creation of PATRIOTS OF CONSCIENCE,
    a movement of concerned people, worldwide, working parallel to

    Please send me e-mail or drop me a short note by postal mail.
    I need you. We need each other. Our children need "the truth
    that shall set them free" BEFORE they are forced to buy back
    their stolen freedom with their own blood.

    John DiNardo
    P.O. Box 164
    Towaco, NJ 07082

    still hiring?

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