• VAERS: Two-year-old baby in Virginia dead six days after second experim

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    VIRGINIA, USA — Just when you thought this whole COVID-19 “vaccine” agenda
    couldn’t go any lower, it has now set a new precedent.

    Pfizer and Moderna are both running clinical trials for their experimental
    mRNA shots on 11,000 children as young as six months old. Both trials began
    in mid-March. Moderna calls its study KidCOVE. Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are also using children as guinea pigs. These companies have no moral fiber and are driven solely by profits. That is a given. But the
    parents are something beyond surreal.

    It was unknown to The COVID Blog prior to this article that something called the “Dr. United States of America pageant” existed. Women with doctorate degrees are judged based on evening gowns, how photogenic they are, etc. It’s like Miss America for doctors. The reigning Dr. United States of America is Michelle Lynam. She is an anesthesiologist in Midlothian, Virginia. Lynam
    posts videos on Facebook fawning over experimental shots. This woman is also subjecting her children to these experimental shots.

    Lyman enrolled her two teenage daughters into the Pfizer clinical trials.
    She enrolled her six-year-old daughter into the Moderna clinical trial. Clinical Research Partners in Richmond, Virginia is facilitating the Moderna child guinea pig trials in the state.

    The public is unlikely to ever know about any negative results from these unethical trials. But the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is providing glimpses of what happens to babies injected with experimental

    Death of a two-year-old
    A common confirmation bias is that “anybody can report to VAERS,” thus the information is unreliable. But this story is alarming. It should be
    immediately investigated by the CDC and made national news. Mainstream media are silent, as is the CDC.

    A two-year-old girl received her second (Dose 2) experimental Pfizer mRNA
    shot on February 25. She apparently developed some sort of serious adverse reaction on March 1. The baby was dead on March 3. No further details were provided.


    The baby had been hospitalized for 17 days, or since February 14, according
    to VAERS. Thus the baby was perhaps sick from the first shot. But someone administered the second shot anyway. Further, no experimental shots are authorized for use in babies and children under age 16 in the United States. Pfizer trials on babies did not commence until mid-March. Nothing adds up
    here. Yet the CDC is not investigating or even talking about this case publicly.

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