• Laura Ingraham: College admission scandal is what real abuse of privile

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    Liberal Democrats, too lazy and stupid to compete
    scholastically. This is the result of the present day inferior
    California school system, once the envy of the entire free
    world, after 40 years of Democrat control and parasitic
    socialist union infestation.

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    We’ve heard a lot about "white privilege" lately from the social
    justice crowd -- this idea that "whiteness" itself can be an
    asset, a proxy for class or other social privilege. But on
    Tuesday, we saw what the real abuse of privilege looks like --
    when elites of different ethnic backgrounds and races use their
    money to buy status – educational status, that is — for their

    What do Manuel Henriquez, CEO of Hercules Capital, Douglas
    Hodge, former chief operating officer of Pimco, actresses
    Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and Gordon Caplan, co-
    chairman of powerhouse international law firm Willkie Farr, all
    have in common? They were among 33 parents and nine athletic
    coaches across the country charged in a $25 million bribery
    scheme to get their kids into top colleges. Dubbed "Operation
    Varsity Blues," it exposed a web of fraud, payouts and bribes
    going back to 2011 up until just last month.

    Celebs and titans of the industry shelled out huge money to
    university staff at prestigious universities, who would then
    designate their kids as athletes. Athletes’ applications get
    considered under lowered standards at many schools. The man who
    is at the center of this fraud is William "Rick" Singer, the
    founder of a college prep firm called the Edge College & Career
    Network, aka "The Key." He pled guilty and is cooperating.

    The Sacramento Bee, quoted a local college admissions counselor
    Margie Ammot as saying: "Singer would tell parents that he could
    get their child into the college of their choice. Professional
    education consultants do not say, ‘I can get you into a
    specific, particular college.'"

    Part of the Singer magic was allegedly having expert test takers
    take ACT and SAT tests for his clients and photoshopping
    applicants’ heads onto random athletic-looking bodies. In the
    New York Times piece about this, the focus was partly on today’s
    high-pressure application environment: "The charges underscored
    how college admissions have become so cutthroat and competitive
    that some have sought to break the rules.”

    The reputation of elite colleges was built on merit. These
    institutions were envisioned as rungs for the those with the
    qualifications to climb up that ladder. They were not supposed
    to be clubs for the elites. We need to return to the principle
    of merit based admission again.

    Well, guess what? The process has been super competitive for
    decades, especially since universities have increased admission
    of foreign students. That is no excuse for gaming the system,
    and in this case, breaking the law.

    Talk about a "desperate housewife," apparently driven by
    desperate and illegal measures, a few years ago Felicity Huffman
    was tweeting a photo of herself, demanding respect and equality
    for "our daughters." I guess that wouldn’t apply to the girls
    applying opposite her daughters for a college slot.

    Here’s how I see it: There was a time when colleges used to
    admit on merit — mainly test scores -- plus athletics and
    extracurriculars. Then they started various legal forms of
    corruption: legacy admissions, lowered standards for athletes,
    admission for big donors, and of course, affirmative action.

    This latest bust takes the corruption to an entirely new level,
    where the elites "played” the process, turning what was a
    partial scam into a full-scale racket. Once college admissions
    is perceived as a scam, it attracts scam artists. The solution
    is to bust these scammers but also reconsider the legal scheme
    the elites have used and abused for years which only hurts the
    hard-working, qualified kids who deserve admission.

    The reputation of elite colleges was built on merit. These
    institutions were envisioned as rungs for those with the
    qualifications to climb up that ladder. They were not supposed
    to be clubs for the elites.

    We need to return to the principle of merit-based admission
    again. Make the lawbreakers pay in this case. But it’s also time
    to look at the institutionalized abuses of the admissions
    process, across the board, since these schools are being
    subsidized, in one way or another, by the taxpayers.

    https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/laura-ingraham-college-admission- scandal-is-what-real-abuse-of-privilege-looks-like

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