• Mom ensnared in college admissions scam hosted Gillibrand fundraiser la

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    Liberal Democrats, too lazy and stupid to compete
    scholastically. This is the result of the present day inferior
    California school system, once the envy of the entire free
    world, after 40 years of Democrat control and parasitic
    socialist union infestation.

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    Here’s a political endorsement Dems don’t want. Alleged college
    scammer Jane Buckingham — the marketing CEO accused of paying
    $50,000 for her son to get into the University of Southern
    California — was a co-host of a Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand fund-
    raiser days before the indictments hit.

    Buckingham is listed as a co-host for a high-end Beverly Hills,
    Calif., event at the home of Los Angeles FC owner Larry Berg and
    his wife, Allison, last Saturday to fund Gillibrand’s
    exploratory 2020 presidential run.

    Co-hosts also included Will Ferrell, “Scandal” creator Shonda
    Rhimes and her über agent Chris Silbermann, plus Harvard MBA and
    author Samantha Ettus. It cost donors $2,800 to be a co-host of
    the event.

    Meanwhile, Buckingham’s scandalized son Jack came clean in the
    Hollywood Reporter by telling the magazine: “I know there are
    millions of kids out there both wealthy and less fortunate who
    grind their ass off just to have a shot at the college of their
    dreams. I am upset that I was unknowingly involved in a large
    scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others
    an advantage over those who truly deserve those spots.”

    Buckingham allegedly explored the same scam for her daughter

    https://pagesix.com/2019/03/14/mom-ensnared-in-college- admissions-scam-hosted-gillibrand-fundraiser-last-week/

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